Getting started with shaving

What are facial hair?

We know human beings have tiny hair follicles almost all over their bodies. These follicles are present on our faces as well. In male human beings,due to hormonal changes at the time of puberty or adoloscence tiny hair start growing out of these follicles resulting in facial hair. This process generally starts at the age of around 14-16 and continues throughout the lifetime.

What is shaving?

The literal meaning of shaving is scraping of very thin and little pieces from a larger block in order to obtain a smooth and regular surface.

Shaving of facial hair is generally practised by men to slice off the hair to the level of the skin surface. Whether you shave daily for a clean shaven look or support a trimmed beard look by occassional shaving and trimming, we know that no man can do without shaving. It is generally done with the help of a bladed equipment known as a razor.

Tip by Arun Agrawal of Ebizindia: If you shave just after your bath, you will be able to shave with 50% less effort. Continue reading “Getting started with shaving”