Getting started with shaving

What are facial hair?

We know human beings have tiny hair follicles almost all over their bodies. These follicles are present on our faces as well. In male human beings,due to hormonal changes at the time of puberty or adoloscence tiny hair start growing out of these follicles resulting in facial hair. This process generally starts at the age of around 14-16 and continues throughout the lifetime.

What is shaving?

The literal meaning of shaving is scraping of very thin and little pieces from a larger block in order to obtain a smooth and regular surface.

Shaving of facial hair is generally practised by men to slice off the hair to the level of the skin surface. Whether you shave daily for a clean shaven look or support a trimmed beard look by occassional shaving and trimming, we know that no man can do without shaving. It is generally done with the help of a bladed equipment known as a razor.

Tip by Arun Agrawal of Ebizindia: If you shave just after your bath, you will be able to shave with 50% less effort.

Methods of shaving:

Shaving can be done in 2 ways.

  1. Manual shaving or wet shaving i.e. with a manual razor.
  2. Dry shaving done with the help of an electronic razor.

1.Wet shaving:

What is wet shaving?

Wet shaving involves the use of a lubricating agent such as shaving creams, soaps, oils, foams and gels that is first applied onto the area to be shaven and then the actual shaving is done with the help of a manual razor. Generally, a lot of water is used in this method hence the name – wet shaving.


  • First and foremost cleanse your face thoroughly with warm water. This helps in softening the beard and opening up the pores resulting in a smoother shave.
  • Applying a pre-shave moisturising cream or oil is also a good step in order to avoid dry skin caused by shaving.
  • Massage a good quality shaving cream, oil, gel or foam onto your face. This should be done with the help of a shaving brush. Working up a rich lather before shave not only lubricates the area, but also helps in lifting the hair thus preparing them for a close shave.
  • Now glide your razor smoothly in the direction of hair growth to gently cut off the hair and get a smooth surface beneath.
  • Rinse off with cold water and pat dry.
  • Finish by applying a moisturising aftershave lotion or balm.

2.Dry shaving:


What is dry shaving?


Dry shaving is done with the help of an electronic razor. A number of tiny blades are attached to a razor-like machine which is operated on batteries. When turned on, these blades start oscillating thereby cutting the hair strand that comes in its way.  It can be done while the skin is dry as the machine is capable of shaving without any lubricating agent.

In dry shaving, the skin is required to be prepared in a manner that is just the opposite of traditional wet shaving. Here the hair needs to be dry and stiff so that it becomes easier for the shaver to cut the hair as near to the skin as possible. Therefore it is not advised to wet your hair before shaving, rather an alchohol based  pre-shave lotion is recommended, which dries up and stiffens your hair for a better result.

Although electronic shaving does not give as close a shave as in wet shaving, it is known to give lesser cuts and burns. It also comes in handy when one is in a hurry and also while travelling. Many men find it more convinient as it is less messy and gives a faster shave.

Full facial hair or beard


A man is said to support a beard if he chooses to opt for no or partial shaving. A well kept beard is often considered as a token of wisdom, manliness and virility. Many men prefer to style their facial hair into moustaches, sideburns, french beards, goatees and various other forms. But the decision to support full facial hair is not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to grow your facial hair in a desired style. One cannot simply let the facial hair grow in whichever direction and manner it chooses to. It needs proper maintainence and care on a regular basis.

The most important step in maintaining a beard is the regular trimming of any undesireable growth. For this purpose it is always recommended to keep a small pair of scissors handy in your bathroom.

Another important step in maintaining a beard is cleaning and moisturising the area covered by the hair. Since the skin of this area is always covered with thick hair, it needs proper cleaning. Also the dryness can cause itching and irritation similar to that of a dandruff.  Hence daily moisturising becomes a must.

Moreover one must also take care to run a comb through your beard to detangle the beard. This will give a clean and  well-kept look enhancing your personality.

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